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Never visit Okinawa in August, Typhoon Month

Updated: Jul 10

In the days in pink, all flights were canceled due to a typhoon.

We spent a lot of money going to Japan and planned a three-week trip that was fully packed: two weeks in Tokyo and one week on Miyakojima Island. We booked an apartment, local hotels, flights to the island, and a car rental. Our plan seemed perfect. We could not miss even a single moment as we had many things to do EVERY DAY.

It was a perfect plan and impeccable execution. We could have enjoyed ourselves both in Tokyo and on the white, soft sand beach with crystal-blue water. We were ready for it.

However, the typhoon ruined everything in the blink of an eye. 

The sky was covered with gray clouds, the waves were choppy, the wind was howling, power lines were down, and power was out in some areas.

Of course, the boats carrying groceries from the mainland were canceled, and everything in supermarkets and convenience stores had been completely sold out, their empty white shelves shining as if they had just been newly opened.

You should buy water before it's sold out.
A FamilyMart, it's empty.

The blue sea was gone. Outside, a wind speed of 39 m/s was blowing, toppling trees, and sending many things into the sky. It was very dangerous, so going out must be avoided at all costs. 

We really wanted to go back to Tokyo as soon as possible. We had so much to do in Tokyo.

Of course, all the flights were canceled. Even on the day we were supposed to return, the typhoon threat did not stop, and our flight was, unfortunately, no exception. We had to pay 200 euros more and stay two extra days for NOTHING in Miyakojima. It was ridiculous and I cried.

We spent 1.000 euros to change to the first flight after the typhoon to get away from the island immediately.

We spent ten days there and swam only three times. The unplanned and fruitless expense was 1.200 euros, plus the four days we lost; we were supposed to have opportunities to discover Tokyo more.

We will never visit Okinawa in AUGUST.


Nanami Yoshihara

Hi! I'm Nanami. I'm a Japanese teacher and run this website.

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