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Is 1 Month enough to learn basic Japanese for Traveling Purposes?

learn basic Japanese for Traveling Purposes
Online Travel Japanese Course starts from the 2nd. July, 2024

Many people asked me:

"How long do I need to learn basic Japanese for traveling purposes?"

Most of my students and blog readers are not students. Like you, they have jobs, families, and other activities to engage with. 

So, my answer is NO.

It also depends on your goal. What is "Basic Japanese" for you? 

I want you to have pleasant experiences in Japan and enjoy your journey without encountering AVOIDABLE difficulties or problems.

Plus, people in Japan could be better English speakers. Touristic places like Tokyo and Kyoto might be different. Still, if you walk on off-main streets, where you usually can find good restaurants and shops loved by the locals, you must speak Japanese.

I also believe one of the main reasons you visit Japan is for its delicious cuisine. Imagine pointing at pictures on the menu to show the servers what you want to get, even if you don't know what they are exactly. When the food arrives, you get surprised. While dining in Japan can be a thrilling adventure, it's even more enjoyable when you're prepared. 

For these reasons, I recommend you familiarize yourself with basic Japanese grammar to enhance your adventure before traveling to Japan.

  1. Katakana (+Hiragana) alphabet+pronunciation

  2. Greetings

  3. Basic Japanese Important grammar, for example, you have to place verbs at the end of the sentences.

  4. Vocabs for shopping+numbers (0-10,000/price)

  5. Vocabs for food/restaurants

  6. Vocabs for directions and public transportation

  7. Basic verbs+conjugation (Present positive and negative)

Can you cover these 7 points for one month? 

I recommend giving yourself AT LEAST 2 months to prepare for your Japan trip without feeling stressed. 

For example, many people who want to visit Japan to see Sakura/cherry blossoms in March should start learning Japanese in January at the latest. 

2 months is sufficient time to learn basic Japanese language skills for TRAVELING.


About the Writer: Hi! I'm Nanami. I'm a Japanese teacher and run this website. 

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